Cabaret parisien - Dîner spectacle : Le Zèbre de Belleville (Paris 11)
Ryder The Eagle = Sold Out = Complet | Cabaret Parisien : Le Zèbre de Belleville - Cabaret spectacle Cirque Paris : Le Zèbre de Belleville est un cabaret parisien et une salle de spectacles/concert qui vous propose de passer une soirée diner spectacle inoubliable

Ryder The Eagle = Sold Out = Complet

→ MARDI 4 JUIN 2024 à 19 H 30

Sold Out = Complet

3 sold out shows in a row, Ryder The Eagle comes back to Paris at Le Zèbre de Belleville. DIY hero, fallen Romeo, karaoke weirdo, the mexico based french balladeer is everything (and nothing) you could expect from a soft-rock divorced singer chasing dreams at your local dive bar. With lo-fi synthy soundscapes, lyric melodies, poetic songwriting and cathartic one-of-a-kind performances, Ryder The Eagle tells his history with love more than his love stories, coating romantic despair with a chiseled wit that’ll take you right to a Kaurismaki movie soundtracked by a caffeine driven Leonard Cohen.

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